Our International Law Firm is an integral part of the global Legal network. Our Clients benefit on one hand from our ability to share international expertise, experience and knowledge across the world. On the other hand, our unique regional coverage of the Central Europe enables us to offer to our Clients a detailed knowledge of the entire Central Europe and specifics of all respective countries.

Our International Lawyers have significant experience in delivering even the most complex projects within the legal network in the region of Central Europe. We serve our Clients in 17 countries of the CE region through our offices or affiliated law firms.

Our extensive experience in law, full understanding of the market and focus on industry specifics put us in the best position to advise our Clients on the appropriate and most beneficial form of their businesses and to provide them with premium solutions to eliminate any legal obstacle.

We work through a highly professional and qualified team of over 150 international lawyers who specialize in different fields of international law and are able to work in a variety of international and local languages, which allows us to communicate easily with international as well as local Clients. Each of our offices has a cyber crime lawyer ready to defend our corporate clients charged with computer intrusion.

Our attorneys can help in all immigration matters such as deportation defense, family visa petitions, employment visa petitions, motions to reopen, appeals and much more. We see a dire need for quality, competent representation for individuals facing incarceration and deportation by ICE authorities. Our lawyers presided over thousands of criminal, civil, and family court cases. It is critical to seek competent legal representation when facing deportation. We have also appeared thousands of times in the Immigration Courts.

It is important when defending against deportation or asking an Immigration Judge to grant a bond for an individual so that he or she can be released from immigration custody. In certain cases, relief from removal (deportation) is available. This relief comes in the form of political asylum; cancellation of removal; and waivers or pardons under certain sections of the Immigration and Nationality Act.

Our Legal Team has been defending the rights of individuals in immigration matters for the last twenty years. During this time we represented persons before the United States Court of Appeals, the United States Departments of Justice and Homeland Security in complex immigration matters. Within the field of immigration law, we have helped thousands of individuals in situations including removal and deportation proceedings, family immigration, and the transfer of professionals and executives to the United States.

Our experience is invaluable to anyone facing removal or deportation from the United States. Removal proceedings are a serious matter. When you need an immigration lawyer, contact our law firm.