General Commercial and Contractual Matters assistance:

  • Review and drafting of standard contractual documentation: preliminary contracts, frameworks agreements, Memorandum of Understanding, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements,
  • Legal opinions and legal analysis on various commercial matters such as contractual liability, warranties, termination, legal consequences in case of failure to comply with the contractual obligations, etc.,
  • Legal review of the clients’ contracts portfolio in order to identify potential risks or incompliances,
  • Support of current activities of the Clients and implementation of individual projects,
  • Drafting of the General Terms and Conditions, regulations, by-laws,
  • Drafting and review of products warranties.
  • Drafting and review of standard templates of agreements to be used as proposals in day-to-day business of the Clients,
  • Assistance in creation of the Client’s set of standard documentation to be used in negotiations,
  • Cooperation with the Client’s In-House-Lawyer in charge for contracts and commercial law matters,
  • Assistance in contracts negotiations.

Sale and Acquisitions of Products and Services:

  • Advise in respect of general commercial and contractual matters and customs related to sale and purchase of commodities and services,
  • Special regimes relating to sales and acquisitions (option-rights arrangements, joint-venture, leaseback, real estate leasing, etc.).

Distribution Agreements:

  • Drafting and review of distribution agreements,
  • Drafting and review of General Terms and Conditions of Distribution Agreements.

Area and Sector Specific contractual advice:

  • Intellectual property rights – licence agreements,
  • Data Protection,
  • Consumer Protection,
  • Public-Private Partnership regulations as possibility for private sector companies to cooperate with the public sector in the area of public services,
  • Legal analysis of the bid’s compliance with contracting authority’s requirements,
  • Advising contracting entities during the entire procurement procedure, including preparing announcements and terms of reference, drafting internal rules, etc.,
  • Preparing drafts of public procurement contracts,
  • Legal assistance to tenderers during the entire procurement procedure,
  • IT & Marketing related provisions,
  • Development of electronic devices related applications,
  • Cooperation with Deloitte Tax with respect to drafting agreements for the purposes of Transfer Pricing documentation, tooling agreements,
  • Review of the documentation proving compliance of commercial contracts with environmental issues.

Public Procurement:

  • General Advisory services for contractors and ordering parties,
  • Representation of contractors in public tenders,
  • Legal opinions and legal analysis of contracts documents and terms of reference in view to assure or verify their consistency with the applicable local and European laws.

Targeted assistance in the course of due diligence procedures:

  • Review of commercial contracts,
  • Legal due diligence as part of the commercial contracts review or for sale purposes (Vendor Due Diligence).

E-commerce and e-payments:

  • Trainings, webcasts for the Clients,
  • Drafting and review of Regulations of e-shop according to local laws and the EU-Directives.

Franchising agreements:

  • Drafting and review of franchising agreements, review and creation of Franchise Operations Manuals, Franchise Code of Conducts,
  • General advisory to franchisors and franchisees.


  • Drafting, review of arbitration clauses, review of contracts in order to assure the consistency with regulations of arbitration courts,
  • Representation of Clients before arbitrations courts in Central Europe.

Assurance of compatibility with local laws in Central Europe:

  • Adapting commercial contracts to the new legislation in force (i.e. in Romania there is  a new Civil Code valid as of 1 October 2011, in the Czech Republic there will also be a New Civil Code effective 1 January 2014, in the Czech Republic there is a possibility to agree on the liability cap according to the amendment of the Czech Commercial Code),
  • Assurance of a team of commercial law specialists from various countries of Central Europe to best address the Client’s needs in cross-border assignments (standards templates of supply agreements, distributions agreements, cooperation agreements etc.),
  • Support in contacts with local Consumer Protection Authorities;
  • Assistance in criminal immigration cases.