Competition law is growing in significance and thus its impact on the strategic aspects of business activity is also gradually increasing. Given the threat of sanctions and a rise in the activity of the authorities responsible for protecting competition, ensuring compliance of the company’s business dealings with the requirements laid down in the competition law is becoming more important for the legal security of entrepreneurs.

Our Legal dedicated competition law team provides high-quality services in the scope of country-specific competition law (competition and consumer protection, counteracting unfair competition and unfair market practices) and EU competition-related regulations.

Controlling competition:

    • Legal advice on concentration-linked issues,
    • Verifying the fulfillment of requirements obliging entities to apply for concentration clearance,
    • Preparation of concentration clearance applications,
    • Monitoring concentration clearance proceedings before the local and EU competition protection authorities and negotiations with those authorities of the potential terms of concentration,
  • In the case where concentration clearance is refused, we offer our support in appellate proceedings.

Legal advice:

    • Legal advisory services on all aspects of the widely understood local and EU competition law, especially:
        • So-called competition restricting agreements (cartels),
        • Issues linked with abuse of dominant position,
        • Acts of unfair competition (also advertising),
        • Unfair market practices,
        • State aid law,
      • Practices that violate collective consumer interests.
    • Review of contractual provisions or applied practices (evaluation from the perspective of their compliance with applicable regulation, indication of any potential infringements of law, recommendations)
    • Participation in developing market strategies for our Clients (especially with regard to modeling distribution networks, shaping pricing policies and advertising strategies)
    • Preparing agreement templates (including distribution activities) to ensure that they are consistent with competition law
    • Where anti-competition practices affect our Client, we advise on the optimum strategy to be followed, participate in any potential negotiations and – if requested – draft documents that may help to initiate anti-monopoly proceedings by the relevant authorities.
    • Support in situations where other entrepreneurs on the market commit unfair competition practices that jeopardize our Client’s interests.
  • Assistance related to state aid, especially:
      • Legal analyses in respect of the elements of the state aid for projects co-financed by the State Treasury or local government units,
      • Support in contacts with authorities granting state aid,
    • Support in proceedings for statements that state aid has been granted in contravention of the law, legal support for services of general economic interest (SGEI).


    • Representation of Clients in proceedings before both domestic and EU competition protection authorities,
    • Conducting appellate proceedings if the decisions issued by competition protection authorities are unfavorable for our Clients.

Participation in negotiations that precede court hearings in cases related to unfair competition practices.