Running a competitive business is inevitably linked with conflicts which might require legal assistance in settling matters with public authorities, competition or employees. Today, more and more such issues are resolved by means other than litigation. Members of our team can therefore assist Clients in court proceedings as well as in alternative dispute resolutions, including arbitration or mediation. Our legal support includes:

  • Negotiations including negotiations with public authorities (from simple negotiations with trade licensing offices or customs authorities to obtaining a licence from the National Bank for the issuance of electronic money or insurance licences, marketing authorisations for pharmaceutical and veterinary products and medical devices and equipment);
  • Commercial law disputes – preparation and filing of lawsuits and other submissions, preparation of defense arguments, representation of clients in courts, preparation of appeals and other litigation remedies including representation in the relevant proceedings;
  • Arbitration – representation of clients before arbitration tribunals, preparation of lawsuits or defence briefs;
  • Mediation;
  • Proceedings before administrative bodies – representation of clients in administrative proceedings before state bodies, including the Antimonopoly Office, tax authorities, construction authorities, etc.;
  • Administrative justice (public law disputes) – preparation of defence against decisions or conduct of administrative bodies, filing of administrative lawsuits, representation of clients before administrative tribunals, preparation of cassational complaints and representation in proceedings before the Supreme Administrative Court;
  • Legal advice on dispute solution including disputes on EU law and advertising.

You can benefit from our litigation law firm expertise and experience with, among others:

  • competition law disputes including anti monopoly issues;
  • tax litigation disputes;
  • commercial litigation;
  • disputes with shareholders;
  • trademark disputes;
  • disputes with employees and other labor law related disputes;
  • disputes concerning white-collar crimes;
  • disputes involving an international litigation aspect.