For the company in distress:

    • Legal Advisory in pre-insolvency phases,
    • Consulting regarding prevention of or dealing with bankruptcy,
    • Legal advisory in all stages of insolvency proceedings including comprehensive appraisal of possible options,
    • Assistance in the preparation and course of reorganizations including the preparation of the reorganization plan,
    • Representation in court proceedings,
    • Legal consulting regarding secured sales within insolvency proceedings,
    • Assistance along judicial proceedings (e.g. incident disputes, lawsuits to exclude assets from the bankruptcy estate).

For the acquirer of the company in distress:

    • Preparation of acquisition agreement including in particular warranties, indemnities and liabilities,
    • Collateralization of claims towards companies which may become subjected to bankruptcy procedure,
    • Advisory on possible tax and legal advantages of acquisition.

For the creditor of the company in distress:

    • Effective risk management,
    • Legal assistance in registering receivables,
    • Protection of secured creditor’s rights,
    • Representation of the creditor in committees of creditors,
    • Legal counseling within the course of insolvency proceedings.

For the shareholders / statutory representatives:

    • Legal analysis of risks resulting from the responsibility of statutory bodies and managers,
    • Advisory on prevention of potential risks.