We provide legal advisory on intellectual property with regard to its registration, contractual issues, the enforcement of intellectual property rights and representation in disputes in these areas. Our services include trademark registration, trademark portfolio administration, the preparation of license agreements, the provision of documentation for intellectual property transfers, advisory on the internal protection of intellectual property, advisory on the collective administration of intellectual rights, and legal reviews of intellectual property.

Specifically, our services include:

  • Identification of intellectual property which leads to increasing the Client’s company value,
  • Registration of national, Community or international trademarks with the respective authorities,
  • Filing oppositions against trademark registration in proceedings before the relevant authorities,
  • Representing in disputes concerning infringements of trademarks, domain names, authors’ rights, and other intellectual property rights, including preparation of legal actions and representation in court hearings, or legal assistance in negotiations with the counterparty leading to an out-of-court settlement,
  • Drafting license and sub-license agreements, including registration of licenses with relevant authorities,
  • Drafting agreements on transfer of industrial property rights, including registration of these agreements with relevant authorities,
  • Drafting agreements on external acquisition of intellectual property rights, in particular software,
  • Protecting employee-generated intellectual property more efficiently by identifying existing risks and proposing effective solutions,
  • Negotiating with collective administrators of authors’ rights and related rights regarding payment of authors’ fees,

Due diligence of the company’s intellectual property assets, in particular for the purposes of effective IP management or valuation of the company, e.g. in connection with M&A.