Human capital is among the most important determinants of success in business. Thus, the widely understood labor law is of key importance when taking decisions in respect of the business activity conducted by a company.

Errors in applying labor law may not only lead to proceedings before labor courts but also end in penal proceedings and disputes with tax authorities. Creating clear, fair and lawful rules of work organization, especially in the area of issues linked with work time and remunerations, ensures a favorable environment for companies to prosper and stimulates employees’ productivity.

Our labor law team, made up of well-trained specialists, offers comprehensive services at all stages of the company’s activities.

Assistance in shaping the content, establishing and terminating employment relationships:

    • Packages of template employee documents (including non-competition agreements and material and legal liability statements),
    • Negotiations and draft management contracts,
    • Drafting and negotiations of the introduction of or changes to collective agreements, work regulations, remuneration and bonus systems, inclusive of share-options plans and companies’ social benefits’ funds,
    • Advisory on selecting work time systems and schedules as well as remuneration systems,
    • Advisory on terminating employment relations and also provide support in collective redundancies.

Negotiations with employees’ representatives:

    • Help in shaping your relations with your local trade unions, intercompany unions as well as the representatives of other associations of employees,
    • Representation of employers in collective disputes and negotiations with employees’ representatives.

Advisory on transfers of undertakings in whole or part of undertakings:

    • Due diligence reviews and preparation of comprehensive reports on the consequences of transferring a workplace in whole or in part; we also point out any potential threats detected,
    • Preparation of documentation that is required in order to transfer staff in a lawful way.

International aspects:

    • Top quality legal services with an international component, taking into account the law order existing abroad (Deloitte Legal belongs to the international Deloitte group, which has its offices in many European countries and around the world),
    • Comprehensive legal services as regards engaging foreigners and seconding local employees abroad,
    • Assistance in respect of labor law issues arising in international mergers,
    • Legal opinions on foreign laws.

Furthermore, our team members can provide you with support in other matters, such as:

    • Representing clients in litigation related to labor law cases that are often initiated by former employees,
    • Preparing legal opinions on a wide range of topics linked with the business activity of the employer.
    • Advise corporate clients in employment-based immigration matters.