Our International Law firm offers an extensive range of services related to mergers and acquisitions, inclusive of cross-border mergers and demergers. We provide comprehensive legal advice in 11 countries across the region of Central Europe and Italy, through the assistance of an Italian lawyer. We cooperate very closely with colleagues from the Financial Advisory, Tax and Consulting departments in order to ensure the highest quality of advice and an effective management of your transaction.

Our services in M&A include in particular:

Pre-transaction support:

    • Prior to the transaction, we carry out a due diligence review of the entities involved. As a result, we identify legal risks related to the deal as well as other legal issues that may prove significant. Furthermore, our deliverables may also include recommendations on how to mitigate the risks detected during our analysis.
    • Based on the information derived from our due diligence we then develop a transaction schedule and structure.
    • We also support our Client as regards securing funds for the transaction, especially by participating in negotiations with financial institutions.
    • As regards vendor’s due diligence, the pre-transaction support can also embrace a legal review of the situation of the entity being sold in order to identify the potential risks associated with the sales process as well as matters that require special attention during negotiations with the buyer.

Support during the transaction:

    • Drafting transactional documentation such as letter of intent, contracts between shareholders, contracts for sale of shares/ enterprises, SPAs, resolutions to be passed by companies participating in the process, articles of association etc.,
    • Advisory and representation of Clients before relevant authorities,
    • Assistance in negotiations over the terms of the transaction to buyers and sellers alike.

Post-transaction support:

After the transaction is executed, we advise our Clients on how to fulfill all the related procedural requirements, such as those associated with registration of modifications with the court registry or the land and mortgage register. We prepare draft versions of the required documents and represent the Client before the authorities.